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Art n Aubrey - Petie's "I rented it"

Jim n Jeff montage

Art n Aubrey war scene

 Art n Aubrey - Petie's "You Infant!"

 Art n Aubrey - Petie's "Oats for Art"

 Art n Aubrey - Petie's "Push with the Leg!"

 Art n Aubrey - Petie's "Streetlights"

Art n Aubrey - Petie's "Lost Control"

 Art n Aubrey - Petie's "I got problems, Art"

Art n Aubrey - Petie's "What he needs"

Art n Aubrey - Petie's "Cookie"

Art n Aubrey - Petie's "Slow mo"

Michigan Waves - "Who's yo mommy?"

Michigan Waves - "Aubie's First Word"

Michigan Waves - "Pepper Scene"

Michigan Waves - "Folksinger"

Michigan Waves - "Art's Rudolph Show"
The Movies... (summary by Jim Senderhauf)

The fuel behind all my creativity is a thinly-veiled desire to avoid insanity. Particularly important has been the tradition I subconsciously devised to survive the holidays: The Christmas movie... By far the most notable of the videos we have made (there are many others). Here is a list. I will gladly ship copies to any interested parties at minimal cost... Simply email us with any requests...

1992 The Christmas Carol
My father's favorite. A badly edited amateur production of Dicken's classic. By far, the largest cast of any of my endevours. We slammed this thing together in one cold weekend.
1993 The Gift
An evolution from some shorter videos in which Jeff and I developed the characters Art & Aubrey. Short, sweet and sappy with intermittent unexpected hand injuries and other acts of violence. Great finger breaking and pinching. A wacky ping pong game and, what later came to be the 'traditional' Art & Aubrey miracle.
1994 The Christmas Tree
This was the year I became aware that a tradition had begun. It was expected by friends and family that we would produce some sort of wacky movie. I was battling perceived expectation and probably planned a little too hard. Jeff and I had this one edited and in the bucket but neither of us were happy with it. We gave up. It sucked. Then... from the ashes we decided to re-shoot parts of it and re-edit. We did so and salvaged it into what is now a classic. It just took a walk on the tracks.
1995 Petie's Christmas Poker Party
My all-time favorite quintissential Art & Aubrey movie. From start to finish, this is the one that gives me a headache from laughing so hard. It has elements of all that is good about Art & Aubrey. Strong character development and interaction. A sweet, psychotic, hallucinagenic midwestern slapstick montage that fills whatever hole in the soul that requires just that sort of thing.
1996 Mixed Nuts
Against the background of the colossal success (in our minds) that was "Petie's"... combined with whatever personal demon that was eating us that year, we procrastinated. Knowing that neither of us had the energy to take on a project the size of the previous year, and yet feeling bad about it anyway, we put up a backdrop and started doing our old stand-by 'Variety Show' format. It was filler. Yet... over time... in conjunction with the fact that I severly burned my hand on video... Mixed Nuts has also become a classic. It is funny.
1997 Michigan Waves
Overcompensating for the previous year's lack of plot, I began to write and plan in October what became our most intensive project. Special effects, flashbacks, action scenes and a music video required us to spend the majority of our weekends in November and December working on the video. Although it suffers slightly in character development due to the scope and action, it is clearly our greatest technical achievement. Michigan Waves is better understood and appreciated by fans who have viewed at least our 1995 movie as it explains Art & Aubrey's relationship.
1998 The Void
The analysis of what happened in 1998 is a contoversial subject. The facts are: 1) that we had decided to do a group collaboration project involving a wider range of friends... and that said project got complicated, postponed and befuddled by the resulting emotional turbulence and unpredictability caused by the fact that: 2) Jim (I) was considering jobs that would have taken him (me) out of state for an unknown period of time. I admit I was in the midst of some difficult decisions, but maintain that I would have put the necessary energy into the project to see it to completion (wussies). Apparently, my best friends were a bit effected by my potential decision to leave forever. Jeez... They all got crabby... then, finally, they admitted how much they loved me and how critical I was to their existence... So I then informed them that I was staying put.
(I was never leaving, I just have an attention seeking disorder. I often pretended to choke at the dinner table for fun... and once applied loads of fake blood to my face and crashed my bike into the garage to evoke a bit of emotion from my dad. My friends are so gullible. Send for my free "Recipes for Love" pamphlet where I describe 10 techniques to find out who cares about you.)
1999 The Kringelotts
December 13, 1999... Thanks to generous portions of unemployment, the project is finished and the copying process has begun. Wow... We haven't even had the first screening outside of the cast, but expectations are high. It's way too close to tell if this is as good as some of us think it is... it all becomes apparent after the first couple of screenings.
But how can you go wrong with a clan of magic secret elf people living in the woods who are responsible for the Christmas Spirit... who have to also deal with one of their own becoming possessed by the tainted spirit of an ancient anti-Christmas, find a cure, chase him down and perform an old-fashioned Christmas exorcism? I (Jim) think it's the best we've done... and I finally got to use the Shaft theme.
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